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Hello, lovely human!

I am Pallavi, an illustrator whose work embraces everyday things, nuances, colors and emotions. I work with both digital and traditional materials, gouache, watercolor and pencils are my favorite of all.

I grew up as fauji kid doing crafts and drawing (mostly), collecting memories, moving all around India. I am a complete introvert and not meant for small talks, I thrive on sharing memories and stories, these are my inspirational sources

I am BFA graduate, worked as commercial artist for a decade now, have worked with renowned brands like Thomson Digital, EIH Ltd., Amazon, Apple.


I can never forget the day when I took tour of printing press in my first job I became more interested in CMYK coding, how it works, what looks nice  + the love for stationaries inspired me for my brand "Inked Glasses"

Portfolio link: www.pallaviillustrations.com


Inked glasses is an artist- led brand, home grown in India.


life isn't all sunshine and roses every day, it's a mixed bouquet!

All products are made with an intention to bring a little colour and joy into your daily life, In our products, you'll find reminders of hope and self-love to keep your spirits up when life gets hard.