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Hello, lovely human!

I am Pallavi, an illustrator whose work embraces everyday things, nuances, colors and emotions. I work with both digital and traditional materials, gouache, watercolor and pencils are my favorite of all.

I grew up as fauji kid doing crafts and drawing (mostly), collecting memories, moving all around India. I am a complete introvert and not meant for small talks, I thrive on sharing memories and stories, these are my inspirational sources

I am BFA graduate, worked as commercial artist for a decade now, have worked with renowned brands like Thomson Digital, EIH Ltd., Amazon, Apple.


I can never forget the day when I took tour of printing press in my first job I became more interested in CMYK coding, how it works, what looks nice  + the love for stationaries inspired me for my brand "Inked Glasses"

Portfolio link:


Inked Glasses is an artist-led brand, homegrown in India.


we believe life is a mixed bouquet, filled with all colors of emotions!!


All our products are thoughtfully drawn, curated, and made with the intention of bringing color and joy into your daily life.

In our products, you'll find cues of hope and self-love to keep your spirits up.


We are also proud to represent that all our products are made in India.

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