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Big Little Steps - Undated Planner

  • Description

    Big Little Steps - Undated Planner

    This undated planner is tailor-made for those who value "Life resolutions" more than new year resolutions and find joy in the journey of consistent small yet impactful steps.

    Each month features a unique interactive prompt that adds purpose or perspective, allowing you to customize and align with your dream self.

    Acknowledging the ebb and flow of productivity, we understand that setbacks are part of us and it's the law and beauty of life, However, during your "work mode on phase," our specially designed daily spread keeps you focused and organized, helping you move the needle in the right direction. Even on lighter days, you'll appreciate the subtle progress – because, let's face it, we often underestimate ourselves!

    Here's to taking those big little steps, one day at a time!

  • Product Features


    • Planner size: A5 8.3X5.7 inch
    • Undated
    • Paper: 100 GSM
    • Number of pages: 314 pages
    • Hard Bound
    • Flat Open
    • 2 Sticker sheets
  • What's inside the planner?

    It's Undated! Flexible to start anytime as per you!

    Initial pages:

    • Letter to self
    • Year at glance - Go creative with the space!
    • Bucket List - Customize as per your liking!
    • Yearly Goals and Dreams
    • Vision Board

    12 Uniquely and interactive illustrated monthly divider

    Monthly spreads:

    • Spacious Monthly Grids + Notes space
    • Monthly Finance + Budget tracker
    • Important dates space + Doodling space
    • Build a habit (every month) and stick to it space (gradual changes lead to lasting habits)

    Daily Spreads:

    • 4 days in a spread
    • Daily affirmation space!
    • Needle mover tasks space
    • Tick off easy task space
    • doodling/jotting dot grid space
    • End your day with a shining moment one-liner!

    Monthly reflection/journal Space

    Year end reflection/ journal space

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